Organizational Structure

At ELTA Courier, success begins on the inside, satisfying the company's 'internal' customers, so that the company can deliver the proper message to external customers and win them over.

Organizational adaptation to market needs and the increased chances of success are based on the right infrastructures that provide opportunities to valuable partners while also highlighting their dependability and professionalism through meritorious criteria for the placement of any employee within the organizational chart.

More specifically, the new ELTA Courier organizational structure consists of five Departments:

  • Production Operation & Infrastructure Department
  • Network Department
  • Financial Operations Department
  • IT Department
  • Marketing & Sales Department

Board of Directors

  • Gregorios Sklikas, Chairman, Non-Executive Member
  • Gerasimos Agoranos, Deputy CEO, Executive Member
  • Marios Kalogeras - Tempos, Non-Executive Member
  • Savvas Dandolos, Non-Executive Member
  • Basiliki Andreou, Non-Executive Member


  • Konstantinos Livanidis, Production Operation & Infrastructure Director
  • Gregoris Chaitas, Stores Network Director
  • Vasilios Kaltsis, Marketing & Sales Director
  • Argyris Chronopoulos, IT Department Director
  • Nikolaos Milios, Financial Operations Director