Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of Tachymetaphores ELTA’s development strategy. In order to make a positive contribution to the world, the company takes action in all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility, namely the protection and development of the working, natural, social and cultural environment of the community.

Tachymetaphores ELTA considers its employees its most valuable asset. On that respect the company applies up to date human resources management techniques, emphasizing on providing a safe, supporting and learning environment to its personnel.

Establishing ways to actively protect the natural environment is a basic concern of Tachymetaphores ELTA. For that reason the company constantly optimizes the carbon efficiency of its fleet and applies anti-pollution technology.

Tachymetaphores ELTA is also actively involved in the making of Greece’s first green corporate network.

Athens Green 360 is a network of pioneering companies which realize that offering green solutions is the only way for sustainable growth. An “Athens Green” scientific group helps member companies to measure their carbon footprint and prepare action plans suggesting ways of reducing it, thus reducing its operational costs.

Committed to positively contributing to society and culture, Tachymetaphores ELTA has offered its pro bono services to various institutes and nonprofit organizations, such as:

  • City of Athens Youth and Sport Organization
  • National Transplant Organization
  • Environmental Center Arcturos

and financially supported institutions such as SOS Children’s Villages, ActionAid Hellas, Doctors without Borders and many more.

Also, acknowledging the importance of quality recreation and family time, Tachymetaphores ELTA frequently hosts visits to theatre and cinema screenings for its employees and their families.