Corporate Social Responsibility

At ELTA Courier we strongly feel our responsibility to our people and society. With faith in the interaction of the concepts of 'corporate development and social responsibility', actions are carried out that concern all areas of Corporate Social Responsibility: the natural environment, human resources, society and culture of our country.

ELTA Courier People

  • We implement modern human resource management systems aimed at the development of human resources, emphasizing continuous training, safety and hygiene of employees.
  • We emphasize the acquisition of knowledge and the improvement of employees' abilities through substantial training and educational programs in technical and administrative issues.
  • We faithfully and inexorably comply with the provisions of labor legislation regarding insurance and workers' rights.
  • We aim for continuous awareness of Occupational Health and Safety issues, with a constant and essential presence of occupational physicians and regular sending of instructions and updates.
  • We place particular importance on effective internal communication and collaboration, encouraging 'open communication' between employees and management, the freedom to express ideas, suggestions for improvement, etc.

Social Environment

  • We strengthen through offers (such as donations, sponsorships, free services, etc.) socially vulnerable groups, non-profit organizations, the local community, etc.
  • We support artistic, sporting or cultural events and actions.

The Natural Environment

  • We use safe, durable and, where possible, recyclable materials in products and packaging, and have strict rules on supplier evaluation and selection.
  • We implement an internal recycling program for various materials (paper, plastic, etc.).
  • We adapt the production process in order to achieve the most efficient use and preservation of natural resources.
  • We control the electricity consumed and are constantly looking for ways to reduce energy consumption.

Our ESG actrions: