ELTA Courier, having as its vision to be a pioneer, specialized and innovative company in the courier and supply chain services market, offering a variety of competitive services of a high level of quality, perfectly adapted to the needs of its customers, with speed and reliability, contributing to the achievement of business objectives of their goals, considers the protection of the Environment as one of the biggest challenges that it has to face today. For this reason, it has recognized the Environmental Aspects of its activities and has all the necessary resources to implement an Environmental Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001:2015.

The commitment to protect the Environment and to limit the impact of its activities is implemented through the following individual steps:

  • Continuous evaluation of the Environmental Aspects of our activities in order to reduce the company΄s Environmental Footprint
  • Continuous improvement of Environmental Performance to be monitored through annual reviews as well as the establishment of Environmental Goals and Objectives
  • Taking preventive measures to avoid dealing with emergency situations
  • Environmental education, training and motivation of staff
  • Encouraging internal and external communication on environmental issues

The above policy of the company is achieved:

  • with the commitment to satisfy the applicable requirements
  • with the commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the company΄s Environmental Management System
  • with the commitment to protect the environment, including avoiding pollution
  • with actions to protect the environment.

Last Revised: August 2023