Business continuity policy

The ELTA Courier Business Continuity Policy is a top priority of reliability and a clear customer-centric approach and philosophy as:

The uninterrupted continuity of the Company's business activity and its safe operation, for the service of its customers and beyond, is achieved through a holistic, realistic and feasible crisis management and business continuity plan, which not only reflects the effects and consequences of potential risks, but also enhances resilience and the ability to anticipate, adapt quickly and react effectively.

The main objectives of ELTA Courier's Business Continuity Policy are:

  • Priority in safeguarding the health and safety of the Company's employees
  • The minimization of the impact of business continuity events, including crises on customers and staff
  • Maintaining the Company's reputation, image and brand to the maximum extent possible
  • Limiting and especially preventing impacts in all directions
  • Adequate and effective management capacity vis-à-vis the media, markets and shareholders
  • The protection of the Company's systems, assets and facilities; and
  • Compliance with insurance, legal and regulatory rules and requirements.

The Business Continuity Coordinator is responsible for the control and monitoring of the proper functioning of the BCMS, as well as for informing all the Company's staff about the present Business Continuity Policy.

All Company personnel involved in Business Continuity activities and processes is responsible to apply the Policy and the corresponding Procedures in their area of work.

Senior Management is committed to compliance with applicable requirements and to continuously improving the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of the Business Continuity Management System.