ELTA Courier Company, having as its vision to be a pioneer, specialized and innovative company in the courier and supply chain services market, offering a variety of competitive services of a high level of quality, perfectly adapted to the needs of its customers, with speed and reliability, contributing to the achievement of their business objectives, has as its main policy to operate in a way that respects health & safety at Work, preventing and reducing the effects of its activities and minimizing risks to the health & safety of partners and visitors.
In particular, it undertakes:

  • to comply with all legal and other requirements relating to the protection of health & safety at work related to its activities and to assess at regular intervals the degree of its compliance
  • to provide safe & healthy conditions and to take all necessary practicable measures to prevent accidents and diseases in the workplace, eliminate hazards and reduce the risk of OHS
  • to determine aims and objectives as well as programs which it systematically adjusts, seeking the continuous and further improvement of the company΄s performance in matters of health & safety at work,
  • to develop cooperation with national and local bodies charged with the protection of health & safety at work,
  • to sensitize its employees, customers and suppliers on occupational health & safety issues and to communicate its policy to them.
  • to take care of the education, training and motivation of its employees.
  • to continuously improve the system for the management of OHS

The above Company Policy is achieved through the implementation of the Occupational Health & Safety Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 45001. The framework and mechanism for defining and adjusting the objectives and goals are reviewed in the regular reviews of the System by the Administration.

Last Revised: August 2020