Central axes of ELTA Courier Company΄s Policy are to provide high quality services with safety, speed & reliability and the continuous support and development of its Network, with the simultaneous improvement of Quality & Productivity performance, taking into account:

  • the current institutional framework,
  • achievements in information and communication technologies but also,
  • rapid developments in the highly competitive courier market.

In particular, our secondary objectives are:

  • quality performance improvement
  • productivity optimization
  • Maximizing customers΄ satisfaction
  • Continuous training of our executives emphasizing on IT issues & production processes
  • Adherence to and full compliance with current legislation and applicable regulations

To achieve all above, our company has already installed, continuously implements and improves a Quality System, compliable with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015. Our company΄s management considers that Quality System is an essential means of strengthening its business position due to:

  • continuous improvement of provided services Quality
  • The reduction of operating costs
  • A more efficient organization
  • The best working climate

The framework and mechanism for defining and reviewing Quality objectives and targets is set in the regular reviews of the System by Management. Quality performance continuous improvement and the prevention of mistakes - non-conformities, require an awareness and systematic control of each individual process as well as of the whole.
The way we use to control processes requires:

  • Clear definition of responsibilities and for each process per job position.
  • Reliable measurement of process efficiency.
  • Documentation of the way the work is carried out (Procedures, Work Instructions, Specifications, etc.), where deemed necessary.
  • Strict quality services control.
  • Identification of malfunctions through systematic control in order to deal with recurring problems and omissions (Corrective Actions), continuous improvement of operations at all business levels of (Administration, Company΄s KTEP, Partner Agencies), with a simultaneous creation and operation of a framework to avoid failures.

The company΄s management is committed to:

  • Provide the required resources for documented continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System
  • Satisfy applicable requirements and
  • Communicate objectives and goals to employees

The Deputy Managing Director
Gerasimos Agoranos

Last Revised: June 2023