Special Priority Mail (SPM) Services Abroad

The export and import courier service that guarantees the prompt delivery of your shipments and receipts to 220 countries in the world.

Service Options:

SPM Economy - exports: the economic selection of items abroad from 1kg

SPM Express - exports: the right choice for you when time counts. Shipping items even next day (depends on delivery point)

SPM Economy or Express - imports: easy, fast and safe imports, with flexibility as to the point of shipment and delivery (Door-Door & Door-Box throughout the ELTA Courier network, Recipient Fee)

SPM feature

  • Up to 100 kg per shipment, charged by actual weight or volumetric weight
  • Online tracking (track & trace) of locating objects wherever they are
  • Personal telephone service (for contract customers)
  • ROAD transport is NOW also available in Great Britain

Possibility of Special Management

  • Change of delivery instructions (extra charge)
  • PAY ON DELIVERY in all eurozone countries (for exports only)



We do NOT accept USA (America) sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses, eyeglass frames and medications.
We do NOT accept UK (England) medicines.
We do NOT accept shipments in a wooden box.
Individual batteries or devices that function as a battery (power bank, wireless headphones/airpods, etc.) are NOT transported.
Due to the state of war, no shipments are made to Israel, Gaza (West Bank), Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Libya, Yemen.
Spirits and alcoholic beverages are NOT promoted. An exception is wine, which can be promoted under conditions.
For more information and clarifications, please contact ELTA Courier Customer Care at 210-6073005 | option 3 "For overseas shipment searches".


Deposit your shipments at an ELTA or ELTA Courier store in your area or call us on 11120 (from a landline with a local charge) and we will come and collect them from your door.