Special Priority Mail (SPM) Services Abroad

The export and import courier service that guarantees the prompt delivery of your shipments and receipts to 220 countries in the world.

Service Options:

  • SPM Economy - exports: the economic selection of items abroad from 1kg
  • SPM Express - exports: the right choice for you when time counts. Shipping items even next day (depends on delivery point)
  • SPM Economy or Express - imports: easy, fast and safe imports, with flexibility as to the point of shipment and delivery (Door-Door & Door-Box throughout the ELTA Courier network, Recipient Fee)

SPM feature

  • Up to 100 kg per shipment, charged by actual weight or volumetric weight
  • Online tracking (track & trace) of locating objects wherever they are
  • Personal telephone service (for contract customers)
  • ROAD transport is NOW also available in Great Britain

Possibility of Special Management

  • Change of delivery instructions (extra charge)
  • REDEEMABLE in all eurozone countries (for exports only)


  • We do NOT accept USA (America) sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses, eyeglass frames and medications.
  • We do NOT accept UK (England) medicines.
  • Due to the state of war, no shipments are made to Israel, Gaza (West Bank), Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Libya, Yemen
  • Spirits and alcoholic beverages are NOT promoted. An exception is wine, which can be promoted under conditions. For more information and clarifications, please contact ELTA Courier Customer Care at 210-6073005 | option 3 "For overseas shipment searches".

Deposit your shipments at an ELTA or ELTA Courier store in your area or call us on 11120 (from a landline with a local charge) and we will come and collect them from your door.